A New Home in Texas

I say this often enough but moving to Texas has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. There is no doubt in my mind that Texas, despite it’s conservative republican leaders, has pushed for a certain quality of living that come with unique financial freedoms you may not have expected from providers like energy or even Texas Homeowners Insurance. Moving here for school I was fairly certain that I would have to be stuck in another apartment but thanks to the rent being so cheap I was able to score myself a rad little house.

It came with a whole lot more responsibilities than I expected but it hasn’t been too bad. The only thing about Texas which makes me nervous at all is the kind of crazy weather. The storms out here have been incredibly intense. That and the humidity. Oh my goodness, the humidity is so absolutely outrageous. It’s like swimming in a pool of heat made of sweat! I’d wake up with my sheets and my cover completely plastered to my body, lying there thinking that something was wrong with me! The first few days took quite a bit of adapting to but since then it’s been great.

I love that I can actually choose which power company that I want. Back home in Ohio, they only had two differen power companies to supply the entire state but even then you didn’t get a choice between them. They basically split the responsibility between them and you had to make do with what you got out of the deal. It was pretty cool that I could shop around for my power so I could look for something that was more financially suitable for my budget rather than being given any company that could charge whatever they want.

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