Slow Drains Caused by an Odd Foreign Object

I noticed that the toilet was not flushing quickly, and the sink was draining slowly. It was getting worse over time. Then our daughter said she had some water at her feet while taking a shower. She said it was going down very slowly. I tried to snake the drain from the cleanout in the pipe in the closet below the bathroom upstairs. It did not work. I called a company that does drain cleaning in Rockland County NY to come out and have a look. They have a camera they can send through the pipes to see where the problem is at.

The pipe was empty by the time they got there. It was just running slow and was not fully clogged. The camera showed something stuck in the pipe with a lot of toilet paper built up around it. Upon getting the camera closer and the light at the right angle, we could see that it was an old disposable plastic razor stuck sideways in the pipe. We have never used that type of razor since we moved here. We figure it must have fallen into the drain when the previous owner remodeled the bathroom before selling the house.

The powered drain snake they used crushed up the plastic razor letting it go all the way down the drain. They ran the camera back through after snaking the drain. There was no sign of even a piece of it all the way out to the main sewer line under the house. It is funny how something like that can get into the sewer line in the first place. It is even funnier how it could take so long to cause a problem. We have been here for about four years now, and this is the first time we noticed the bathroom drains running slow.

Saving Older Landscaping Trees and Plants when Flipping Houses

We flip houses and usually redo much of the outdoor landscaping. We bought a house that was on the market for about three years. The trees and landscaping looked really bad. We thought that we were going to have to cut down and have the stumps removed for a row of what were once very pretty dogwood trees. We hired a company that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY to come out and have a look. The trees were shaggy looking as far as branches going out in all directions. However, the arborist said he could trim them up to look like they are part of a well-manicured landscape. The trees had a good foundational growth and prior trimming.

We had to get some hedges and arborvitae removed. They were damaged due to overgrowth and the weight of snow in the winters. All of the dogwoods looked great after they were trimmed. They really added to the look of the place, and we were able to capture the purplish pink blooms in the spring in photos. They were actually part of the selling point of the house. The new owners were very fond of dogwood trees, and they were very happy we decided to have them pruned instead of just cutting them down. I was going to replace them with some short Japanese maples. Glad I did not do that.

I learned my lesson about attempting to save some of the old when renovating with the new. This is especially true of some landscaping plants and trees that may just need a little care from an expert. Some things need to be replaced, but some other things just need some care and a new season of growth. In our business of flipping houses, it is tough to wait. However, we defer to the experts who know their craft.

Getting Our Mom a Diamond Necklace

My brothers and I wanted to get our mother something really special for her birthday. She is going to turn 60 on December 8th, and we know that is she sort of dreading this new decade of years. My wife suggested that we watch the Black Friday 2015 online deals for jewelry specials, and I thought that was a great idea. My two brothers did as well, since we did not want to get a chintzy gift for her. We thought that we might be able to get a really great deal on a nice diamond necklace to show her that she is beautiful no matter what age she is.

Since none of us boys are experts when it comes to jewelry, we went to the person who is. That would be my wife. She knows our mom’s style better than any of us anyway, so we knew that she would be able to pick out the best necklace. Since we are all chipping in on this, we knew that we would be able to get a really nice one. My wife is an expert shopper too, and she is the one who thought of using the Black Friday deals as a way to save even more money.

She likes to do a lot of her shopping online, so she had a site that she likes to use for Black Friday deals. Even though it is not for another few weeks, she still went to the site so she could get an idea of what the jewelry sales were like last year on Black Friday, and she was really happy with what she saw. I have no idea what she will end up getting for our mom, but I know that it is going to be the perfect gift no matter what.

Be Sure to Know Your Rate Plan when You Choose Texas Power

We got hit with a big electric bill last month. It turns out that we were on a variable rate electricity plan, and we were not fully aware of what that even meant. I am very happy that we are free to choose Texas power companies that we want rather than having one assigned to us based on where we live. However, it is our responsibility to know the contract we are getting into. If I had only read the documentation rather than just listening to what was told to us. Do not get me wrong. The variable rate utility bill may work for some. You can have months or even years of lower bills, but if the market goes up for your electricity, then the price will on a variable rate plan.

What we picked after our one month of a quite large electric bill was to switch to a company that offered a lower fixed rate electric plan. This way the per kilowatt hour price cannot fluctuate based on market whims. Yes, you can save a few more cents per kilowatt hour if you go for a variable rate electricity contract, but you run the risk of the rate trending upward. There are not a lot of wild fluctuations to my knowledge. However, it does happen on occasion. That was what happened to us. Prices soared and so did our bill.

Now that we are on a fixed rate per kilowatt hour electricity plan, our rates will not go up. We can expect the same electric bill every month. Of course it will fluctuate based on usage, but here in Texas we expect to use more electricity in the summer to run the air conditioning when it is hot. That is not a rate increase. That is an increase in usage.

I Guess the Boss is in Rehab

The boss and I have started started getting along lately and I thought it was sort of weird. The truth is that my boss was always a jerk and everyone knew it. When he started acting nice everyone took it to mean there was something wrong. One girl thought he was dying or something and had decided to be a good person so he did not burn in Hades. Of course as it turned out he was getting ready to go to this place that does drug rehab in Phoenix. No one is quite sure what sort of problem he has, but about six months ago he was in a pretty serious accident and they gave him some of those really powerful pain pills. So I am guessing that he got on the things and now he can not get off of them. Of course once you get addicted it is a huge problem

I heard that this one guy broke his own arm so the doctor would give him a prescription for these pills. I do not know what they call them, but they would crush them up and snort them instead of taking them orally. That is what this guy was telling me. Of course once these guys get addicted to these pills they are going to do just about any thing that they got to do to get the stuff. If you are an addict you do not have to think about what you are going to do with the day. You are going to try to get the stuff that you are addicted to and it does not really matter how hard you have to work to get the stuff. You are going to do whatever it is that you think that you need to do.

Shiny New Pipes for an Old Home

That moment when you open your front door and find not the warm comfort of your home but instead the rushing wave of water flooding beyond you as it swirls and eddies around your ankles is the last moment that you want to have. It’s my own fault, really it is, and the fact that I had not allowed the water to run while I was at work despite the freezing temperatures caused the pipes to burst. Clearly in the back of my mind I was hoping to get an indoor pool. Calling the plumber in Essex County NJ resulted in laughter. Lots and lots of laughter.

I’m thankful that at least someone can have a sense of humor about all of this because I was displeased you could say. Displeased might be a nicer word because I had promptly shut the door as the water came rushing forward, turned around to head back to my car and cursed. A lot. A lot of cursing. I think I may have even invented some new words. I like to consider myself a very colorful individual when it comes to cursing – sometimes you just have to make a word up to really express how you’re feeling, you know? I’d repeat them here but I fear that this blog would be censored due to endangering children thanks to such vile wording.

The plumbers were more than happy to help me. Of course they are; they get paid very good to do what they do and the work that was going to have to be done with my home was going to take a nice, long time. Very long! I ended up staying at a hotel for nearly a month while they replaced half the pipes through my house which meant lots of walls being torn apart and put back together. Oh well, at least I can show off my new pipes – oh, wait.

Cable is Able to Shine

Comcast HDTV Cable Box InstallationIf you’re looking for some of the best in cable, you can do no wrong by getting Comcast Cable TV. It’s a shame that the company gets so much flack these days but they really only have a bad reputation due to the fact that they have poor customer service on their Internet end of things. Internet everywhere in the United States seem to have some kind of fundamental issue with it which is probably due to the fact that the cable infrastructure is, well, awful. It hasn’t seen any real upkeep or upgrades for a long time now and that really should change.

Despite this, I feel like their cable television is probably some of the most reasonably priced as well as being the most accessible considering they are pretty much all over the country. I have never had a single problem with their television services and have even found it to be cheaper when I did do so price shopping out of curiosity. I had found them to be very competitive with their prices against other companies except, surprisingly, they didn’t have a lot to go for them when I compared them to Time Warner Cable.

This of course might just be a reflection of the fact that they are about to merge and want to make it seem like they are already bringing their services and the prices in line. Personally I think the merger is nothing but a good thing as i t will help pool their resources together which are no doubt considerably strained due to having so may customers; I can’t imagine trying to figure out the logistics of customer service for millions of customers when thousands of them are calling every single day of the week. It’s got to be tough on everyone involved.

Low Prices when Getting Service from Direct TV

I am going to try to get a satellite service hooked up in my house soon. After some thought, I have decided that I would go with Direct TV, because I think that they have a better reputation. I am pretty sure that they have more channels anyway, but I would not quote that on me. I want to set up an appointment to have a satellite dish for Direct TV in New Middletown installed at my house. I am curious what my options are for where to have the dish installed.

I do not want to have the dish installed on my roof, because I am afraid that it will cause damage to the roof. I would not want that to happen, as I just paid to have a new roof put on my house not even 3 months ago. As such, I am hoping that there is somewhere else in my property, where I can have the dish installed. I guess it will depend on the height of the trees, and which direction the satellite signal needs to come from.

Anyway, the reason that I am going to get this service installed, is so that I will be able to watch more football games this coming year. I feel like I missed out on a lot of potential entertainment last year, by only having two football games available to choose from, at a time. A lot of the time, I was not very interested in either of the games, and that was a bit of a problem for me. I play fantasy football, so I am interested in pretty much every team in the entire football league. So there are often games that I want to watch, which are not playing in the market that i am located in.

We Wanted to Have Hidden Surveillance

I have never been the type to trust others easily. That is why I had such a hard time when my maternity leave was up. My husband and I already agreed that we would have a nanny at home rather than placing our daughter in a daycare center where the staff would not have their sole attention on her. However, hiring a nanny was hard too because of all the stories we have heard in the news. I jokingly commented to my husband that we should buy some spy equipment just to make sure the nanny was doing what she should be doing.

I thought he would laugh with me, but he actually said that it was a brilliant idea. He went online to see if he could find a camera that we would be able to hide in plain site. We did not want the new nanny to know that she was being recorded, because then she would definitely be on good behavior. We just wanted to see what she was like when she thought no one was watching. He found a site that had all kinds of great cameras that are not recognizable as being just that. The one that we ended up getting looks like a clock radio that actually works.

We were able to get it on sale, though we would have paid any price for the peace of mind that it gave us. We were able to monitor the nanny in our daughter’s room, which is where they stayed the majority of the time since our baby slept a lot. The nanny was attentive to every cry, was soothing to our girl, and couldn’t have done a single thing that would have made me even happier with her behavior. Having that peace of mind that we hired the right person made life so much easier for the both of us. We no longer monitor her, but we are keeping the camera just in case we have someone else take care of her in the future.

Finding Info on Texas Energy Production

One of my biggest interests in nuclear power generation. I know that a lot of the public are afraid of them, but their fears are pretty blown out of proportion with the actual threats. I think that radiation is so scary because it is invisible. But anyway, the reason I am writing right now is because I am learning about and the energy providers that are in the state of Texas. There are a lot of them, compared to other states I have looked at, due to the fact that there is not the same sort of regulations at a state level on energy providers that are in other states.

I am wondering how many of the electric plants in the state use nuclear energy in order to generate the power that is used by their customers. Further, I want to know how the operating costs of such plants compare to other types of plants. I am especially curious about this because there is so much oil in Texas, that it seems that it would be the main energy currency. But at the same time, I do not really know if that is factual, and so I am trying to do some research into the matter to see what I can figure out.

I am really hoping that I will be able to find the information that I am looking for without having to dig too much. It would be annoying to have to spend a huge amount of time to figure out what I want, but if that is what it is going to take, then that is what I am going to have to do. There is no way of getting around that, to be sure. It is what it is though, and I am not worried really.

Started to Vacuum Pack My Own Food

Of course this is the sort of thing that you do if you are really cheap, but I did it because I found the vacuum sealing stuff on an online auction site and it did not seem as though any other people were interested in it. I was curious about how you go about stuff like food packaging leak detection, which is the technical term for this stuff and the quality control systems that you use. However when you are going about it one operation at a time that is really simple. If it was a massive packaging operation where you had thirty tons of stuff get cleaned up and put in packages every hour, then you are going to have to worry about one or two little problems slipping past you. If you are doing it all on your own, one little thing at at time. Then it is not hard to make sure that you get it right.

At any rate this is mostly about the garden fresh stuff. I have about an acre and a half under cultivation with a lot of raised vegetable beds and some little greenhouses that I use year round. Some of it I sell to a friend of mine who is a chef, but he only wants the very best of the very best. So he will pick through it and nine out of ten pieces will not pass inspection. That is okay with me. I give away a lot of the food to other people, but I want to try to keep some fresh or nearly fresh food around all year round. Mostly this is going to be an experiment to see how well it works and if there is a limit to how much you can try to save without pickling and such.

A New Home in Texas

I say this often enough but moving to Texas has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. There is no doubt in my mind that Texas, despite it’s conservative republican leaders, has pushed for a certain quality of living that come with unique financial freedoms you may not have expected from providers like energy or even Texas Homeowners Insurance. Moving here for school I was fairly certain that I would have to be stuck in another apartment but thanks to the rent being so cheap I was able to score myself a rad little house.

It came with a whole lot more responsibilities than I expected but it hasn’t been too bad. The only thing about Texas which makes me nervous at all is the kind of crazy weather. The storms out here have been incredibly intense. That and the humidity. Oh my goodness, the humidity is so absolutely outrageous. It’s like swimming in a pool of heat made of sweat! I’d wake up with my sheets and my cover completely plastered to my body, lying there thinking that something was wrong with me! The first few days took quite a bit of adapting to but since then it’s been great.

I love that I can actually choose which power company that I want. Back home in Ohio, they only had two differen power companies to supply the entire state but even then you didn’t get a choice between them. They basically split the responsibility between them and you had to make do with what you got out of the deal. It was pretty cool that I could shop around for my power so I could look for something that was more financially suitable for my budget rather than being given any company that could charge whatever they want.

Started Planning the Holiday Party

It is going to be a big deal this year, because we are going to be gone for Christmas itself this year. I have a lot of time that I can take off, in fact I have to use it or lose it before the end of the year. Anne is sort of going to leave her job, but there is no point in leaving behind any vacation. So she is going to take this year and next year’s vacation together at Christmas. We have ordered some custom invitations for the party. It says something sarcastic, like come to our Christmas party if you want your gifts. We are going to leave around the 18th of December and we are probably not going to be back until the middle of January. So we have already done all of our Christmas shopping and we will have our Christmas party the weekend before he fly down to Miami to take the cruise.

The idea is to rent a room actually. I know the manager of this nice hotel and he will be able to get me a very discount on that. That makes it easy so long as you know how to arrange things. You do not have a big mess to clean up and you do have to scrub the house down before all the guests arrive. In this case it would be impractical for us to do it that way as we are going to be rather busy getting ready to head off and taking care of other stuff. Of course we are not going to be worrying about cleaning up the hotel’s banquet room and that is a great thing. It will cost a bit of money, but you have to pay if you want to have it all done for you.

Why You Want a Good Coffee Grinder at Home

Until I purchased a good quality coffee grinder I can use at home, I had no idea what I was missing. It seems to me that what a lot of people were saying just might be true about coffee. That is, once you grind it the flavor is at its peak right there. Coffee’s flavor is in the oils. The oils are in the beans. Once you grind them, then it seems that is when the flavor is at its best. Consider coffee packaging to get an idea of how volatile the flavors in coffee are. Most of the best packaging is in vacuum containers that take out the oxygen that can diminish flavors. Grinding the beans opens up the bean’s surface area to expose more of the flavor oils.

You need the beans ground to get the oils into the hot water. However, intact beans make more sense for preserving coffee flavor until you actually want to make a cup or pot of coffee. Having your own coffee grinder at home makes it so you can buy whole roasted beans, and then grind them moments before you make coffee. In my opinion this makes for a much better tasting cup or pot of coffee. I noticed that a big can of ground coffee begins to lose flavor before I reach the last bit of it in the container. I think all coffee drinkers enjoy that first pot made from a new can of coffee that was just opened a little better. You can have that by grinding your own coffee.

It only takes a few seconds to grind up the amount of coffee needed to make a pot or a cup. Just toss the beans into the grinder and turn it on for a couple of seconds. A coffee grinder can be utilized to make the perfect grind for percolation, drip brewing or other methods of brewing. Not all grinds are the same. Each one varies a bit. You need a grinder for your coffee that lets you grind the beans appropriately to how you plan on brewing the coffee.

Customer Service Without the Bundle Plan

Copperas CoveWith all the hub bub about a potential raise on interstate business tax in Kentucky (rumors, really!), our company has decided to pack bags and hit the road with their thumb stretched out in hopes that some friendly state will take pity on their ways. Of course, this means that I am finding myself in the process of moving along with them all the way to Texas! At least it’s somewhere warm, I suppose, and I was able to find texas electricity companies in copperas cove with ease thanks to this website: After some idle research through Google I found this site topping the search results and, truthfully, I tend to actively avoid using the first page results even if they might be the best, I rather find something that might be more unique or clever. Sometimes it’s the esoteric that can offer the better information that you’re looking for, even if they’re not the prettiest of websites.

Still. I found myself coming back to the website admiring it’s modern design with a touch of minimal sleekness that just screams ‘Web 2.0’. I like these kind of sites as they are straight and to the point, giving me the information that I am looking for without overloading my eyes with affiliate links or distracting me with offers of discounts and sales. Instead, they give me a site that offers plenty of information regarding the electric companies in the area while comparing median prices between them. I didn’t even look for that but there it is, given up to me on a silver platter of HTML and CSS. What a beautiful thing. This is what I certainly call golden customer service as they are simply giving you the tool to find exactly the information you need, without trying to sell you a package deal.