Cable is Able to Shine

Comcast HDTV Cable Box InstallationIf you’re looking for some of the best in cable, you can do no wrong by getting Comcast Cable TV. It’s a shame that the company gets so much flack these days but they really only have a bad reputation due to the fact that they have poor customer service on their Internet end of things. Internet everywhere in the United States seem to have some kind of fundamental issue with it which is probably due to the fact that the cable infrastructure is, well, awful. It hasn’t seen any real upkeep or upgrades for a long time now and that really should change.

Despite this, I feel like their cable television is probably some of the most reasonably priced as well as being the most accessible considering they are pretty much all over the country. I have never had a single problem with their television services and have even found it to be cheaper when I did do so price shopping out of curiosity. I had found them to be very competitive with their prices against other companies except, surprisingly, they didn’t have a lot to go for them when I compared them to Time Warner Cable.

This of course might just be a reflection of the fact that they are about to merge and want to make it seem like they are already bringing their services and the prices in line. Personally I think the merger is nothing but a good thing as i t will help pool their resources together which are no doubt considerably strained due to having so may customers; I can’t imagine trying to figure out the logistics of customer service for millions of customers when thousands of them are calling every single day of the week. It’s got to be tough on everyone involved.

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