I Guess the Boss is in Rehab

The boss and I have started started getting along lately and I thought it was sort of weird. The truth is that my boss was always a jerk and everyone knew it. When he started acting nice everyone took it to mean there was something wrong. One girl thought he was dying or something and had decided to be a good person so he did not burn in Hades. Of course as it turned out he was getting ready to go to this place that does drug rehab in Phoenix. No one is quite sure what sort of problem he has, but about six months ago he was in a pretty serious accident and they gave him some of those really powerful pain pills. So I am guessing that he got on the things and now he can not get off of them. Of course once you get addicted it is a huge problem

I heard that this one guy broke his own arm so the doctor would give him a prescription for these pills. I do not know what they call them, but they would crush them up and snort them instead of taking them orally. That is what this guy was telling me. Of course once these guys get addicted to these pills they are going to do just about any thing that they got to do to get the stuff. If you are an addict you do not have to think about what you are going to do with the day. You are going to try to get the stuff that you are addicted to and it does not really matter how hard you have to work to get the stuff. You are going to do whatever it is that you think that you need to do.

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