Saving Older Landscaping Trees and Plants when Flipping Houses

We flip houses and usually redo much of the outdoor landscaping. We bought a house that was on the market for about three years. The trees and landscaping looked really bad. We thought that we were going to have to cut down and have the stumps removed for a row of what were once very pretty dogwood trees. We hired a company that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY to come out and have a look. The trees were shaggy looking as far as branches going out in all directions. However, the arborist said he could trim them up to look like they are part of a well-manicured landscape. The trees had a good foundational growth and prior trimming.

We had to get some hedges and arborvitae removed. They were damaged due to overgrowth and the weight of snow in the winters. All of the dogwoods looked great after they were trimmed. They really added to the look of the place, and we were able to capture the purplish pink blooms in the spring in photos. They were actually part of the selling point of the house. The new owners were very fond of dogwood trees, and they were very happy we decided to have them pruned instead of just cutting them down. I was going to replace them with some short Japanese maples. Glad I did not do that.

I learned my lesson about attempting to save some of the old when renovating with the new. This is especially true of some landscaping plants and trees that may just need a little care from an expert. Some things need to be replaced, but some other things just need some care and a new season of growth. In our business of flipping houses, it is tough to wait. However, we defer to the experts who know their craft.

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