Slow Drains Caused by an Odd Foreign Object

I noticed that the toilet was not flushing quickly, and the sink was draining slowly. It was getting worse over time. Then our daughter said she had some water at her feet while taking a shower. She said it was going down very slowly. I tried to snake the drain from the cleanout in the pipe in the closet below the bathroom upstairs. It did not work. I called a company that does drain cleaning in Rockland County NY to come out and have a look. They have a camera they can send through the pipes to see where the problem is at.

The pipe was empty by the time they got there. It was just running slow and was not fully clogged. The camera showed something stuck in the pipe with a lot of toilet paper built up around it. Upon getting the camera closer and the light at the right angle, we could see that it was an old disposable plastic razor stuck sideways in the pipe. We have never used that type of razor since we moved here. We figure it must have fallen into the drain when the previous owner remodeled the bathroom before selling the house.

The powered drain snake they used crushed up the plastic razor letting it go all the way down the drain. They ran the camera back through after snaking the drain. There was no sign of even a piece of it all the way out to the main sewer line under the house. It is funny how something like that can get into the sewer line in the first place. It is even funnier how it could take so long to cause a problem. We have been here for about four years now, and this is the first time we noticed the bathroom drains running slow.

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