We Wanted to Have Hidden Surveillance

I have never been the type to trust others easily. That is why I had such a hard time when my maternity leave was up. My husband and I already agreed that we would have a nanny at home rather than placing our daughter in a daycare center where the staff would not have their sole attention on her. However, hiring a nanny was hard too because of all the stories we have heard in the news. I jokingly commented to my husband that we should buy some spy equipment just to make sure the nanny was doing what she should be doing.

I thought he would laugh with me, but he actually said that it was a brilliant idea. He went online to see if he could find a camera that we would be able to hide in plain site. We did not want the new nanny to know that she was being recorded, because then she would definitely be on good behavior. We just wanted to see what she was like when she thought no one was watching. He found a site that had all kinds of great cameras that are not recognizable as being just that. The one that we ended up getting looks like a clock radio that actually works.

We were able to get it on sale, though we would have paid any price for the peace of mind that it gave us. We were able to monitor the nanny in our daughter’s room, which is where they stayed the majority of the time since our baby slept a lot. The nanny was attentive to every cry, was soothing to our girl, and couldn’t have done a single thing that would have made me even happier with her behavior. Having that peace of mind that we hired the right person made life so much easier for the both of us. We no longer monitor her, but we are keeping the camera just in case we have someone else take care of her in the future.

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