Why You Want a Good Coffee Grinder at Home

Until I purchased a good quality coffee grinder I can use at home, I had no idea what I was missing. It seems to me that what a lot of people were saying just might be true about coffee. That is, once you grind it the flavor is at its peak right there. Coffee’s flavor is in the oils. The oils are in the beans. Once you grind them, then it seems that is when the flavor is at its best. Consider coffee packaging to get an idea of how volatile the flavors in coffee are. Most of the best packaging is in vacuum containers that take out the oxygen that can diminish flavors. Grinding the beans opens up the bean’s surface area to expose more of the flavor oils.

You need the beans ground to get the oils into the hot water. However, intact beans make more sense for preserving coffee flavor until you actually want to make a cup or pot of coffee. Having your own coffee grinder at home makes it so you can buy whole roasted beans, and then grind them moments before you make coffee. In my opinion this makes for a much better tasting cup or pot of coffee. I noticed that a big can of ground coffee begins to lose flavor before I reach the last bit of it in the container. I think all coffee drinkers enjoy that first pot made from a new can of coffee that was just opened a little better. You can have that by grinding your own coffee.

It only takes a few seconds to grind up the amount of coffee needed to make a pot or a cup. Just toss the beans into the grinder and turn it on for a couple of seconds. A coffee grinder can be utilized to make the perfect grind for percolation, drip brewing or other methods of brewing. Not all grinds are the same. Each one varies a bit. You need a grinder for your coffee that lets you grind the beans appropriately to how you plan on brewing the coffee.

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